We believe that everybody has their own personal Sandlot, the place where your memories take you when thinking about the simplicity and freedom of your childhood. When I unexpectedly lost my brother in 2013 it brought back a flood of memories of the times we spent together as kids. My fond memories were almost exclusively revolving around the game of baseball. Video games or screen time weren’t concerns of ours. We woke up every summer day with the singular goal of putting together a game of baseball with the fullest rosters possible. I don’t think we ever put together a complete 18 but we never stopped trying. Baseball is my Sandlot, yours could be the garage band you played in and the memories from that or the public basketball court where you became friends with people from all walks of life. The beauty of it is that it’s completely different for everyone.


Our hope is that every time you use one of our products you might have a moment to reflect on what the backdrop of your carefree youth looked like. We are inspired by our memories and hope that you are too.


We want to make sure that kids around the world have the opportunity to make these memories. So many kids are forced to grow up faster than they should. We support organizations like Right to Play, RBI and The Urban Youth Academy to name a few that are putting that dream into motion by providing kids with the resources to simply play.