Sandlot Wholesale

Quality hats, bags, leather goods and more made in Kansas City, USA

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If you are looking for quality Sandlot goods for your retail shop visit our wholesale store on Faire. By using Faire you will be entitled to free returns, Net 60 terms and a low $250 opening order minimum.

Corporate Gifts

Searching for that perfect business gift is tough. What says you value your customers, employees, or sales contacts? Well, nothing makes an office gift more memorable than something practical and perfectly tailored to the recipient.

Wanting something custom?

We can handle that! We customize boxes for workforces of all sizes and budgets. Email to get started.

what made in use really means

When you choose to buy Made in the USA products from Sandlot you are paying for a living wage for all employees. What you are not paying for are poverty wages that go into making many big name brand products.